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To further explore any opportunities or to apply for other positions not listed please email or send/fax your resume and salary history to:

LB Steel
Human Resources Dept.
15700 Lathrop Ave
Harvey, IL 60426
Phone: (708) 331-2600
Fax: (708) 331-6419

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DUTIES:  Able to work independently; from understanding equipment, daily maintenance of machining equipment, reading blueprints and measuring devices, such as tape measure, caliper, micrometers and height gauges.

Work with a wide variety of materials, tooling, machine operations, ability to make machining set up, use hand grinders and overhead cranes.  Knowledgeable of qualifications in choosing tooling and technical side of machining such as speed, feed and RPM.  Monitor, adjust and inspect the machining part in order to meet machining print. Keep the machining and surrounding work are clean, safe and well organized.  Must have good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work successfully in a team; following shop rules and regulations.

CNC Machinists are producing parts by program and they must understand basics of CNC programming, meaning some “G” and “M” codes, tool offsets and work offsets.  Some overtime could be required.

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO:  Production Supervisor

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  Some High School coursework or relevant work experience; High School Diploma/GED and some Vocational training certification preferred.


DUTIES:  Able to work independently from Customer and/or LB Metal drawings and requirements to produce acceptable welds according to Industry and Customer specifications. Proficient in using simple fabrication hand tools and measuring devices.  Adhere to standard hour build rates at the direction of the Production Supervisor or cell/team lead.  Responsible for daily maintenance of welding equipment as well as keeping respective work area clean.  Responsible for adherence to process work instructions, PQR/WPS and other verbal and visual instructions.  Knowledgeable of qualifications in process and ability to perform acceptable welds in flat, horizontal and vertical weld positions using GMAW, FCAW and/or SAW welding processes.  Ability to use carbon-arc gouging (air-arc) equipment, hand-grinding/profiling equipment and fixture/tooling aides.  Recognition of simple visual weld defects a requirement.  Monitor, adjust and inspect weld quality in order to meet Standards, expectations and requirements.  Confer with Production Support staff and Weld Engineering to resolve weld-related issues in a timely manner.  Need to be physically able to lift 60 lbs and pass and eye test (Jaeger 12) with or without glasses.  Participate in mandatory training and testing while playing a key role in continuous improvement initiatives.  Adhere to and follow shop rules and safety regulations.  Some overtime and travel could be required.

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO:  Production Supervisor

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma/GED.  Experience in metal fabrication and welding preferred.


DUTIES:  Maintain and repair company equipment, machinery, plant, and offices.

Must be able to work within established safety guidelines. Must be able to safely operate any and all equipment necessary to accomplish duties. Must supply and be responsible for personal hand tools necessary to accomplish duties. Must be able to work full time on any shift. Must be able to work overtime as necessary to take care of emergencies as they arise. Must be able to work both independently and with others. Must be able to read and understand work orders.

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO:  Maintenance Manager

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Some High School course work; Fork lift driver Certification; High School Diploma/GED preferred; Relevant work experience preferred.


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